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- Check Ordering

For members only to re-order checks

PAFCU has provided our most popular check styles for your online reordering convenience. Just click on any of the styles shown below to see a full-size version. After you have decided on a check style, you may order your checks online using the form that follows. Note: All checks are carbonless copies.

Fields marked with a single * are required.

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Choose a lettering style:

Regular Lettering - Free with this check styles

Distinctive Lettering - Additional prices may apply

** If you select this font, you will need to shorten your personalization to make it fit on the product.

Check Style:

The following may be discounted with direct deposit of your net pay. If you do not have direct deposit set up, there is a fee for 80 checks.

Click here for more check styles.

*** These check styles have prices that vary. Please contact your closest PAFCU location for pricing and styles.