20 Ways To Get Involved This Summer!

20 Ways To Get Involved This Summer

You don’t have to go far to find opportunities to help others in your community. Ask your friends and family to join you and help someone in need this Summer! Here’s a list of ways you can get involved, make a difference and have fun doing it too!

  1. Offer to rake leaves, pickup sticks, or mow the lawn of a neighbor.
  2. Plant flowers for a neighbor or start a community garden.
  3. Collect and deliver supplies to neighbors who have just had a baby, undergone surgery, or experienced a house fire.
  4. Coordinate a neighborhood garage sale and donate the proceeds to a local charity.
  5. Donate books or art supplies to a homeless shelter for children.
  6. Gather canned foods to deposit at a local food bank.
  7. Offer to walk a neighbor’s dog or pet sit.
  8. Write thank you cards to local police officers and deliver them to the station to thank them for protecting the community.
  9. Hold a lemonade stand or bake sale and donate the profits to a local organization.
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  11. Donate newspapers, dog beds, or other pet supplies to a local animal shelter.
  12. Check with your local soup kitchen to see if kids under 18 can assist with setting tables or handing out small fruits like apples and bananas.
  13. Volunteer to shelve books at a local library.
  14. Shop for a toy to give away, and then find a family to donate it to.
  15. Sort through old toys you don’t play with anymore and donate them to Goodwill or another local charity group.
  16. Offer to be a mother’s helper to a new mom.
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  18. Sign up for special events such as fun runs that donate proceeds to local charities.
  19. Read stories to younger children at schools, libraries, daycares, or churches.
  20. Place bird feeders in the yard for local wild birds.
  21. Visit a nursing home. Your family can be matched with one person to call on regularly.
  22. Make care packages for the homeless. Include travel sized toiletries, granola bars, and bottled water. Contact a local shelter to learn more.

Q:   What did the pig say while laying out at the beach?
A:   I'm bacon

Q:   Which letter is the coolest during the summer?
A:   Iced T.

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