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Automatic Deposit/Payment Services

These PAFCU services allow you to make better use of your time as well as offer a worry-free method of making deposits or paying loans. A discounted interest rate (Preferred Annual Percentage Rate) is offered to member loans repaid by any Automatic Payment service.

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)

With a PAFCU World Cash Card or FastChek card and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) you can make withdrawals from your credit union accounts, 24 hours a day, nationwide, through ATMs on participating networks. PAFCU also provides its members with convenient ATM locations at the Brooklyn-Atlantic, Hauppauge, JFK, Miami, Ronkonkoma, Westbury and Yonkers branches. Our members can make deposits at our proprietary machines.

E-Services: Easy, Free and Environmentally Friendly

With electronic services, access to your PAFCU account is just a few keystrokes, mouse clicks, or taps away, anytime, day or night. Using e-Services is kinder to the environment as well. You can perform many transactions that previously required a trip to the credit union, saving the environment from emissions as well as protecting your pocketbook from high gas prices. Plus, when you choose e-Services, you can save important documents electronically, printing them selectively, as needed. Click here for more information about our great e-Services.

Financial Counseling

PAFCU can help you with your day-to-day finances. Stop by or call any of our branches to receive friendly, courteous and accurate financial advise.

Lifetime Membership

An active account provides you with lifetime membership even if you retire, move or leave for another job. "Once a member, always a member" with PAFCU.

Money Orders

Available in amounts up to $1,000.00, for a nominal fee. They serve well in situations that require a method of payment stronger than a personal check but safer than cash.

Notary Service/Signature Guarantee

PAFCU has staff members qualified to perform these services, free.

PAFCU Scholarships

Every spring, People's Alliance is proud to provide five graduating high school seniors $1,000 each to put toward the cost of tuition. All members in good standing can enter themselves, their children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters. Each person entered must be graduating high school and plan to enter an accredited college or university (excluding U.S. Service Academies) within the year.

Quarterly Newsletters

Keep current by reading our First Class quarterly newsletter. It is mailed to every member household with print statements or emailed to each e-Statement user.

Tel-Me Audio Response Service

With PAFCU's Tel-Me audio response system, you'll no longer have to wait for an available member service representative. You'll receive fast, up-to-date account information any time, any place, with this time-saving feature. To learn more click now!

U.S. Savings Bonds

PAFCU no longer sells Savings Bonds in our offices, but you can purchase them right now at TreasuryDirect® by clicking here.