Information Desk

- PAFCU At-A-Glance

Federally chartered in 1940

  • Comprises 400+ Select Employer Groups (SEGs)
  • Professionally managed and staffed
  • Federally regulated and insured
  • Federally and independently examined each year
  • Every member account federally insured by NCUA, a U.S. Government Agency to at least $250,000
  • Once a member, always a member
  • $300 million in assets
  • A member base of 40,000 national and worldwide

PAFCU Executive Management

  • Carol A. Allen, President & CEO
  • Joanne Steigerwald, Executive Vice President
  • Frank Kobel, Vice President Branch Operations

PAFCU Board of Directors

  • John A. Romanchek, Chairman
  • Diane Goerz, Vice Chairman
  • Olga Lancaster, Secretary
  • Barbara A. Mandello, Treasurer
  • Michael R. Gumiela, Director
  • Thomas Doyle, Director
  • Christopher J. Meyers, Director
  • Nicholas M. Lacetera, Director Emeritus

PAFCU is here for you

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