Loan Center


Life is filled with special occasions. At PAFCU, we offer a variety of loans to meet your borrowing needs for something you care about. People's Alliance strives to offer lower rates than you will find at most other financial institutions with repayment periods long enough to keep your monthly payments affordable.

Click here for Loan Rates on the following PAFCU loans. Optional Credit Life/Credit Disability insurance is available on qualifying loans. For members not using Automatic Payment services, payments are due every 30 days and can be made in person or by mail. Standard Annual Percentage Rates apply to loans being paid in this manner; a lower, Preferred Annual Percentage Rate is offered to members paying via Automatic Payment Services. Additional payments may be made at any time with no prepayment penalties.

New/Used Auto Loans

PAFCU makes it easy to buy a new or used automobile, van or truck or to refinance this type of loan from another lender. Members receive the following:
  • Up to 100% financing, including taxes, titles, warranties, dealer prep, etc.
  • Low rates and extended terms to fit your budget.
  • Pre-approvals, which put you in the driver's seat when negotiating price.
  • Optional payroll deduction for time-saving, worry-free payments.
  • 84 month term on car loans $25,000 and over.

Boat, RV, Travel Trailer and Aircraft

Whether you want to "go mobile" by land, sea or private plane, PAFCU offers up to 100% financing.

Unsecured Signature

Can provide funds for any reason, from wedding expenses to computer equipment upgrades, at budget-suiting rates. Eligible members may borrow up to $25,000.00 and take up to five years to repay.

Debt Consolidation

A great way to combine many high interest rate bills into one low, easy monthly payment. Click here to learn more.

Credit Builder Loan

Learn how you can establish credit while saving money with a Credit Builder Loan. Learn more now!

Share Secured

Secure a loan with savings to cut the cost of borrowing.


Want to buy a house you love? PAFCU helps you love the loan, too. First mortgages and refinancing available. Financing options include fixed and adjustable rate mortgages; terms from 15 to 30 years.

Home Equity/Home Secured Loans

If you own a home and need funds for college tuition, medical expenses, etc., tap into your home's value with a PAFCU Home Equity Loan. A drawable line of credit or one-time cash advance is available; low, up-front processing costs can be factored into the loan; the borrowed money is secured by your home; and interest payments may be fully deductible. PAFCU also offers a special, low introductory rate for first-time borrowers. If you'd rather give your home or property an upgrade, PAFCU's Home Secured Loan would fit the bill.

Holiday and Vacation Loans

A sensible way to borrow extra cash for gifts or getaways.

Education Loans

Recognizing the costs of a higher education, PAFCU created the Education Loan. Qualified members may borrow a maximum of $5,000.00 per school year with a term of 10 years. The maximum loan amount is $25,000.00. PAFCU's education loan offers a competitive rate that will help ease the burden of tuition.

Collectible Car Loans

Now you can afford the car of your dreams, with a collectible car loan from your credit union. Designed for the antique or collectible car, PAFCU's financing can't be beat.

Checking Overdraft Protection

In addition to having money transferred from savings to cover a check, you can apply to have an additional line of credit through Mastercard or an Overdraft Protection Loan.

Members may be approved for an overdraft line of credit up to $5,000.00. The payment for using this added feature is 3% of the balance owed with a minimum of $20.00 per month. The payment will always be due on the last day of each month and will be setup to transfer automatically from your share account. Contact your PAFCU representative today to apply for our overdraft line of credit.