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- President's Message

Carol A. Allen
Carol A. Allen,

Dear Members,

The beginning of a new year is always a time for reflection as well as setting new goals for the coming year. Whether it’s purchasing a new car, securing a loan, paying down debt or helping you save for that rainy day, PAFCU is here to help meet your goals!

The credit union offers exceptional loan products to help you save on interest, while also giving you better returns on deposits and putting more money in your pocket. If you are trying to improve your credit this year, PAFCU offers a Credit Builder Loan. Members can receive up to $5,000 at the low rate of just 6.15%. This is a fast and easy way to help you save and build your credit at the same time!

Now that the holidays are behind us and the bills are starting to pile up, the CU offers a more manageable payment option with a Debt Consolidation Loan. The benefit to consolidating is to get a single loan to pay off all of your smaller loans, thereby leaving you with just one monthly payment. Lowering your interest rate and the monthly payments while paying off your debt more quickly is a much easier way to deal with debt.

Are you looking to save more this year? If so, PAFCU’s Lucky Savers Account is a great way to not only save but win money as well! Members can open this 12 month building share certificate with a minimum of $25. Every $25 deposit gives you a chance to win monthly cash prizes (up to 10 chances per month). Last year we had 13 Lucky Savers winners with a total of $10,375! This included 2 – $5,000 winners!

Have you heard the news? PAFCU is excited to offer Members Mastercard Credit & Fastchek Debit Cards! You will receive great benefits and security including chip technology, price protection and zero liability for unauthorized purchases! To learn more and apply, click here!

At PAFCU, we know that protecting your privacy is not only important to you, but is our number one priority! To learn more about our Privacy Policy click here.

Thank you for being a valued PAFCU Member. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can better serve you, please let us know. On behalf of PAFCU’s Volunteer Board of Directors, management and staff, I thank you for making PAFCU a part of your life.

Happy Spring!

Contact us with any questions and remember to turn to PAFCU for all your banking needs.