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If you want to manage your finances at a place where even the smallest saver is treated like a VIP, then there's no better financial institution than People's Alliance Federal Credit Union (PAFCU). Our administrative office is located on Wireless Boulevard in the middle of the Hauppauge Industrial Park, in Hauppauge, New York. Click here for our other Branch Locations.

Founded in 1940 as the Pan American World Airways Credit Union, PAFCU currently serves 40,000 employees of over 400 different companies throughout the United States. At PAFCU, there are no customers—everyone is a member and owner of the credit union and receives friendly, respectful service from the staff and senior management that have spent many years with the organization.

Carol A. Allen, the President of PAFCU, has been with us for over 20 years. "As a not for profit cooperative we are owned by you, our members. We are able to provide you with better dividend rates and lower loan rates than the banks" says Allen. Our philosophy of "People Helping People" is demonstrated by our staff everyday."

PAFCU is different from a bank because it is a cooperative, owned by its members. We are organized for service—not for profit or charity. There are no outside stockholders to pay and our member-elected Board of Directors volunteer their time to help steer the credit union's course. All net earnings are therefore returned to members in the form of higher dividends, lower cost loans, fewer and lower fees, and no-cost services.

Consumers and consumer agencies consistently rank credit unions as a best value for price and service in personal banking. PAFCU members would agree.