Surfing The Web? Learn How To Stay Safe!

You are growing up in the age of technology. Like most other kids you're probably using your computer and the Internet for lots of different things - doing homework and school projects; chatting with friends and family; learning about things you like such as sports, movies, or arts and crafts; playing games; listening to music; watching videos; and much more.

While it is a great tool, it can also be dangerous in certain ways. There are websites that can be scary or unsafe for kids, and bad people known as "predators" who try to share pictures and info that can be upsetting, confusing, or downright frightening for kids. These people may even try to find out things about you or your family.

There are ways to stay away from the evils of the Internet and use it just for the good things. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), an organization that helps protect people, has some smart tips that you can follow when surfing the web. Remember to keep these in mind whether you're at home, at school, at a friend's house, or anywhere:

1. Never, ever give out personal information. This means your name, names of your family members, your address, phone number, or the name of your school. Also, DO NOT give photos of yourself, your friends, or your family to anyone before asking your mom or dad first.
2. Do not message with someone if you feel uncomfortable.
3. Never plan to meet someone without your parents' permission.
4. Don't forget that a person online might not really be who they say they are.
5. If at any time you see or hear something on the Internet that makes you uncomfortable or scared, tell your parents right away!

Saving Your Money: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Have you ever heard the saying, "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"? Well, it means that if something is not right in front of you all the time then you probably won't think about it too much and will eventually forget about it. This can be a great tactic when it comes to saving money in your People’s Alliance Savings Account.

If you sock away some money in your CU account as soon as you earn it, rather than leave it hanging out in your wallet or laying on your bedroom dresser, you'll be much less likely to spend it and on your way to developing awesome saving habits.

Keep reading for some simple tips on how to keep your cash out of sight and safely at your CU!
1. Make a list of the things you really want to save for, either now or in the future.
2. If you can't get to the credit union right away, choose a safe place at home where you can save money, like the piggy bank in your room. Each week take some of your earnings from household chores, gifts, or allowances and stash it there for those things you hope to get soon. If you're worried that you can't resist spending it, ask Mom or Dad to keep it in a safe place for you until you can get to the CU.
3. When your parents take their weekly trip to the CU, ask to come along. Take the remainder of your money and put it away in your credit union Share Savings Account.
4. Keep a daily record of how much you're spending, what you spent it on, and how much you saved. Being aware of those spending habits will probably make you more careful about wasting money and help you save more easily.

Remember, the less money you keep in sight at home, the more you'll save at the credit union. And the more you save, the less you'll spend. Make "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" your new saving motto!

Just For Laughs

Q. When is a baseball player like a spider?
A. When he catches a fly!

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