Seniors – On The Move

A Message from the People's Alliance Investment & Retirement Center

Provided by Thomas Sconzo, Financial Advisor

Changing Jobs? Retiring?
Don't Leave your Retirement Plan Dollars Up in the Air

  • Leave it in your former employer plan
  • Transfer it to your new employer plan
  • Roll it over to a traditional IRA
  • Cash out and pay taxes and possibly penalties.

Each decision has its pros and cons. Need help deciding what option is best for you? Contact Thomas Sconzo, the People's Alliance Investment and Retirement Center Representative serving the members of People's Alliance at (631) 434-3500, extension 262 for a no-cost, no-obligation Retirement Assets Consultation. The quality of your retirement years depends on it.

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How To Be A Savvy Traveler

Travel can be great, but it can also make you extra vulnerable to identify theft. At PAFCU, we want to make sure our members take extra care when travelling both foreign and domestic. Here’s a few simple ways you can help protect yourself from theft when away from home:

Reduce What You Carry

Before you leave, clean out your purse and/or wallet. Remove all unnecessary cards or items. Carry nothing with your social security number on it and write down which cards you are taking with you in case of theft.

Beware In Tourist Areas

These locations are popular ATM card skimming spots. If you need to use an ATM, take note of the keyboard to make sure no skimming device has been placed over the original keyboard. If something appears out of place, do not use it. Also, make sure that your information can not be seen by others waiting to use the ATM.

Leave Your Checkbook At Home

Your checks show your name, address, bank name, checking account number and routing number – this is an entire “kit” thieves can use to take over your account. In addition, they can forge checks to withdraw money. If you don’t want to use cash or payment cards consider traveler’s checks.

Verify Callers To Your Hotel Room

A common scam involves a call to your hotel room from a “desk clerk”. This person tells you about a problem that requires you to provide your credit card number over the phone. If this happens, hang up and call the front desk yourself to check.

Watch Out When Using Wi-Fi

Airports, hotels and other public places offer Wi-fi for internet access. However Wi-Fi hotspots are often not secure. If you choose to use public Wi-Fi, be very cautious.
  1. Always manually select network connections and know the exact name of the establishments network
  2. Never log in or send personal information to unencrypted websites
  3. Don’t use apps that require personal information
  4. Always log off an account as soon as you have finished using it

For Members 55 and Older, who have direct deposit of their net pay, social security or pension

Golden Checking Account

No minimum balance, no monthly fee, no per check charge and receive dividends on your average daily balance maintained in the account. You will also receive free check orders of standard PAFCU "ON THE MOVE" Checks.

Traveler's Cheques

No service fee for Single-Signature Traveler's Cheques

Share Certificates

Receive a .10% higher dividend on the advertised rate for Share Certificates based on the term of the certificate.

Senior News

ON THE MOVE members can subscribe, at a discounted rate, to Senior News, a monthly newspaper addressing the needs and concerns of mature Long Islanders. To subscribe, contact Senior News at (631) 206-0058.