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- Chairman's Message

John Romanchek
John Romanchek,
Chairman, Board of Directors

John Romanchek, Chairman, Board of Directors

We at People's Alliance Federal Credit Union would like to take a minute to say "thank you" for doing business with us and staying with us. We realize the decision of where to conduct your financial business is a choice - a choice that is growing in options every week and month as new players enter the field with introductory offers.

People's Alliance maintains that when you take everything into consideration - lower interest rates and fees on loans and higher dividends on savings - that we provide the best overall deal on services from a financial standpoint. We have dedicated ourselves to assisting people from all economic backgrounds. We will continue to expand our base and open our membership to all those who need our financial assistance. This combined with our friendly, personal service and the fact that your money stays in the local community to assist others, makes PAFCU shine head and shoulders above the competition.

Now I ask you to pass the word so that your friends and family can get in on a good thing by joining PAFCU. When you do, you will not only be helping them to a more secure financial future, you will be doing yourself a favor, too. That's because, as a financial cooperative, the more members we serve, the stronger we become. As we grow, we can offer even more value to all of our members. So don't delay: Share the wealth by telling your friends and family just how easy it is to open an account at PAFCU and experience the credit union difference - where people come first.

Please remember the money experts at PAFCU can help all members with their financial needs. I would like to take this opportunity to give a heartfelt thanks to our Board of Directors who help us by volunteering their valuable time, talents, and energy to help our credit union function. Thanks also to our wonderful management and staff for their commitment and support.